China tissue paper manufacturer

Qingdao Shunjie Paper Co.,Ltd  is a China based manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of facial tissue, paper napkins, paper hand towel, kitchen rolls and toilet paper.
Our business is a part of your everyday life.
We always consider your health and safety. We source certified raw material and fulfill the manufacturing process in compliance with hygienic standards.
Whether you are a consumer or professional buyer, we are here for you to improve your health, hygiene and well-being at home, work, leisure or travel.
We develop and manufacture own-branded tissue paper and customer label tissue paper for domestic and overseas supermarkets,Chain convenience stores, hotels, restaurants, airports,retailers and wholesalers.
We also design and make custom-branded facial tissue in boxes as advertising promotion products.
Our deep market understanding, innovation, product quality, timely delivery and experienced custom services have helped Shunjie become a better choice for the clients in search for a reliable and dependable tissue paper manufacturing company.
Custom branded facial tissue box
We are manufacturing tissue paper suitable for bath room, toilet, kitchen, restaurants, school, offices, hotels, airport, hospitals and other public restrooms.
Custom branded facial tissue box
Custom-branded facial tissue soft pack
Custom-branded facial tissue soft pack
We also design and make promotional tissue paper for advertisement.
Customer paper extraction, tissue paper
serviette paper, napkin

Tissue paper we are manufacturing

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